Thursday, May 7, 2009

David Carlton

The Last Time I watched Office Space

 It was 4 years ago.

 She was visiting me at college.

 Halloween weekend,

We watched a movie.

 I spoke

 “6 Months and Counting”

 She pointed at the screen

“Shush, T.V.”

Then kissed my collar bone

 The television lit my October bedroom

In shades of pale blue and purple

 It went to commercial

 She asked a loaded question

 I responded with one of my own

 It was reflexive

 Easier than breathing

 We were children playing

With a gun

Too big for our hands

 Fools rush in

 Her response was full bodied

Human fire works

Civilizations rose and fell

 We were Adam and Eve

A man and a woman

We invented lovemaking

The movie continued without us

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