Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kia Pantaloni

I asked the black and white girl
with the tangled mane
and the broken garters
What's the price for the soul
of a whore?

She looked at me and said,
The price to dunk a fool
at the county fair
into a freezing tub of water

What would happen if I
placed my arms around you?

She lifted her shirt up,
displaying grotesque burns
in repeated imprints
of spreading hands

What would happen if I put 
my lips to yours? I replied

Your lips would seal shut with
the black cum of one thousand
wretched men

What would happen if I put
my hands around your throat?

She crooned, Instead of screaming
I would sing.

What would happen if I put 
myself in your mouth?

She answered with a boney
hand to her breast, Your member
would cringe from the ancient gin
that burns my throat.

I looked her in the eyes and said,
What would happen if I put
myself inside of you?

Then I'll never let go,
she said as the liquid rouge
melted off her lips
and she came apart one by one
like cigarette ash to the wind

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